The single greatest key to RUN’s impact is providing continual, practical, leadership focused, outcome driven training. We provide training for house church leaders, national leaders, specialized ministries and project related initiatives.

Kingdom Business Project


RUN has equipped the global church to train and send more than 1000 qualified bi-vocational church planters to establish micro-businesses and plant healthy reproducing churches in some of the most restricted nations on earth. Kingdom Business Project’s website.

World Class End to End Digital Tools

Working through an End to End Strategy RUN provides the global church with world class digital audio, video, and printing tools to accelerate the establishment of local churches.

Digital Audio/Video Tools

RUN equips and trains church planters with mobile tools that digitally “push” audio, video, Scripture and film many people interested in learning about the Good News.

Print-on-Demand Systems

RUN equips the global church with portable printing systems that enable a “just-in-time” solution for women and children’s ministry, training, church planting and more.

Church-Centered Translation Movement

Through a proven 7-Step Translation process RUN helps lead a global church-centric, community-owned, technology-assisted, quality-assured, free Bible translation movement that provides accurate, clear, natural and accessible Scripture. Translation ministry website - Coming Soon!