Since 2014 RUN Ministries has rescued, sheltered, and offered hope to more than 280,000 refugees from Iraq and Syria. Our local teams provide food, shelter, and aid while sharing our faith in Christ.

Faced with the region’s humanitarian crisis, RUN has also rescued boys from Islamic radicalization and established locally run “Moses houses” for their safety.

Girls and young women, frequent victims of kidnapping for sex trafficking, are rescued and given sanctuary and care in “Esther houses.”

Evangelism and Church Planting

We believe that the local church is the hope of the world. And, since our core passion is to “to bring the revelation of God and His kingdom to unreached people” everything we do is focused on sharing the Good News and establishing healthy, reproducing, sustainable local churches. Through our “End to End Strategy” RUN provides church planters with the tools to work among unreached people with evangelism, orality, and Bible translation tools.

Humanitarian Aid and Relief

Middle East Relief Effort

RUN equips the global church to provide food, water, clothing, medical care, prayer and hope to thousands of internally displaced people and refugees.

Moses houses

RUN has equipped the global church to establish 20 Moses Houses and provide safe and caring homes for young boys rescued from a potential life of terror. Many of the young boys were being trained to fight as terrorists, but are now being empowered to live in peace protected by house parents and the community around them.

Esther Houses



RUN has helped the global church to establish 11 Esther Houses and provide safe and caring homes for young girls, between the ages of 6-18 years. Many of these young girls were held captive by marauding fighters, forced to be their “brides”, and passed from man to man until rescued. Now protected and provided with care, love and a future.

Miriam Houses



RUN has helped local churches in the Middle East to care for thousands of refugees. Many of the girls rescued from terror have come to these “open sky” camps pregnant, broken, hurting and traumatized. Their innocence stolen, they now need a place to heal as they prepare for the birth of their children. 10 Miriam Houses, staffed with seasoned mothers to care for and support them, recently opened for these new mothers and their infants.

Nepali Rescue Project

In 2006 the Nepali Rescue Project began as a collaborative initiative between two friends deeply committed to provide hope and justice amidst the greatest social evil of our time. It has been a growing partnership with many churches, organizations, and individuals working together to rescue more than 20,000 girls every year from sex trafficking. Currently this ministry is paused to help establish greater security and resources to effectively continue the Nepali Rescue Project in the near future.


A key to RUN’s impact is providing continual, practical, leadership-focused, outcome-driven training for in-country house church leaders.

RUN has trained more than one million house church leaders to establish micro-businesses and to plant healthy, reproducing churches in some of the most restricted nations on earth.


The single greatest key to RUN’s impact is providing continual, practical, leadership focused, outcome driven training. We provide training for house church leaders, national leaders, specialized ministries and project related initiatives.

Kingdom Business Project


RUN has equipped the global church to train and send more than 1000 qualified bi-vocational church planters to establish micro-businesses and plant healthy reproducing churches in some of the most restricted nations on earth. Kingdom Business Project’s website.

World Class End to End Digital Tools

Working through an End to End Strategy RUN provides the global church with world class digital audio, video, and printing tools to accelerate the establishment of local churches.

Digital Audio/Video Tools

RUN equips and trains church planters with mobile tools that digitally “push” audio, video, Scripture and film many people interested in learning about the Good News.

Print-on-Demand Systems

RUN equips the global church with portable printing systems that enable a “just-in-time” solution for women and children’s ministry, training, church planting and more.

Church-Centered Translation Movement

Through a proven 7-Step Translation process RUN helps lead a global church-centric, community-owned, technology-assisted, quality-assured, free Bible translation movement that provides accurate, clear, natural and accessible Scripture. Translation ministry website - Coming Soon!


Believing that the local church is the hope of the world, for over 25 years RUN Ministries has developed evangelistic resources and equipped indigenous house church leaders to fuel healthy, reproducing church movements among unreached peoples.

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RUN Ministries provides local churches around the world with the tools necessary to help establish healthy, reproducing churches among unreached and unengaged peoples. Join us in reaching the ends of the earth.

Ministry Partnerships

RUN Ministries equips and connects the global church with world class international ministries. Together these field-based partnerships exponentially accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission.