• RUN Ministries is

    reaching unreached nations

    RUN Ministries is a USA-based charity with a passion for global holistic transformation.
    We RESCUE people from the evils of slavery, EMPOWER leaders with training
    and tools, and GROW movements that impact their world for good.


We RESCUE people from
the evils of slavery


We EMPOWER leaders
with training and tools.



We GROW movements that impact
their world for good.


We Continue to Rescue, Restore and Renew

More than a year ago news broke that Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities were literally trapped on Mt. Sinjar, a place most of us had never heard of, with no food or water. These persecuted Iraqis were fleeing possible genocide at the hands of ISIS terrorists. As the world watched, a new and horrifying "normal" began to unfold.

Since then RUN Ministries, and our generous supporters, have rescued over 160,000 Iraqi refugees. They are men, women and children who lost their families, their homes and their communities to ISIS evil. Every day, tens of thousands of refugees depend on RUN Ministries to provide food, water, shelter and security in our nine "Community of Hope" refugee camps. Our responsibility to be a light in this horrific darkness is far from over.

The most important thing you and I can do is pray...pray for peace in the Middle East. Will you take a few minutes today to pray for our brothers and sisters still facing the terror of ISIS? The second most important thing is funding. It costs $8.00 a day to care for each refugee. Would you prayerfully consider a gift to RUN Ministries so we can continue to rescue, renew, restore and rebuild the lives of ISIS survivors. Your best gift provides love, peace and comfort to those who have lost everything.



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